Thursday, July 12, 2012

You Were Warned

Yep, I'm onto the next novel. This one is from a local author that I hooked up with via Book Blogs. We have agreed to exchange novels and provide reviews. Although not my common fare, it being YA and supernatural, The Corpse Goddess has me rapt and got my attention from the first line.

Meg Highbury woke up the day after her twenty-first birthday to the smell of spoiled hamburger meat stinging her nose hairs and tickling her gag reflex. For a moment, Meg thought she was back in Dr. Schlechta's embalming room, with the bodies and the fluids and the dull instruments of death. She'd never forget the smell of that room – a medicinal rot, the choking smell of old meat sealed in hot plastic.

Jones, Kristi - The Corpse Goddess

Nothing better I say than giving the literary olfactory senses some exercise. The "choking smell of old meat sealed in hot plastic" is quite good and made me pause. And to wake up with the smell of "spoiled hamburger meat" says everything about the scene we are about to be treated to.