Monday, July 9, 2012

This Blog . . . The Tip of the Spear

When I was in the Military I was a part of SOCOM. SOCOM's unit patch showed a spear head that was shaped like a spade in a deck of cards. We, the common front line soldier or "bullet stopper" were referred to as the "tip of the spear" cause we lead the way. Take comfort dear blog reader that by stopping by this blog every once and a while you are reading at the tip of the spear.

For evidence of this, I give you the following:

First, on The Kill Zone (here), a post by Clare Langley-Hawthorne discusses a topic and an article that this blog discussed on June 29th (here). Doubtless that Miss Langley-Hawthorne has made more thoughtful and prescient comments, but it does show the tip of the spearness I am illustrating.

Secondly there was this article in the WSJ that I planned on blogging about today.This article on comics on e-readers by Kevin Simtumuang exquisitely titled Tablet + Comics = BAM! (here), was actually something that this blog tackled years ago (here).

I read this article, ironically enough in the print edition, on Saturday. It deals with the revolution that comics have had due to the tablet medium. He says:

The screens on some tablets (most notably the iPad's) have colors and text that just pop, like, well, pop art. This is especially true of comics from the past 10 years that were colored with the aid of computers—you almost feel closer to an artist's vision on a tablet than in print. Pixels to pixels rather than pixels to paper."

"The other ace up digital comics' sleeve? Comixology's Guided View technology. It turns reading your favorite graphic novels into a cinema-like experience, enlarging individual panels to fill the screen and whisking you to the next panel with a single tap. This feature makes comics readable on a tiny smartphone screen. On a large tablet, it lets you dwell on individual panels as if they were Lichtensteins."

You know what he doesn't bring up? You know what you can just about count on reading a year from now, as this is a tip of the spear comment? That the major problem with comics on the tablet is that most comics fans enjoy the collections that the comics inspire. Sure you can keep a comic or group of them on the iPad and go back and read them any old time, and that's fine. But you can't resell those suckers. I was never a big reseller of comics. I had years worth of Spidermans that now might have earned me a half cent per title. I threw them all out a couple of years ago. You see, I'm a reader. I like to go back and reread the comics. So for the most the iPad works great for me. But I do have a couple of ancient Spidermans collecting dust up in the attack. These are the ones I feel might be worth more. How do I buy and hold those?

It really makes one wonder if comic book collecting is about to go bye-bye. And if so, what will happen if some kid or fan can get the very same comics I'm storing up with my junk on their iPad for a buck twenty? Tip of the spear folks, that's why you're here.