Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Onward to Commitment Book

I finished High Five by Janet Evanovich (here)  last week. This is the fifth in the Stephanie Plum series and probably the fifth one I've read. Like I wrote previously (here and here) that I like these books cause they help me recharge the ole brain cells after a commitment book. High Five was no different.

I recorded two passages. One I thought was interesting cause I wrote something similar in a short story years ago.

He smiled when he saw me .. . and it was the nice smile that included his eyes.

This other one I noted because I like to continue my series on mornings. Authors love to discuss the dawn . . . the sky turned from charcoal to pearl as the sun broke the horizon . . . that kinda thing. This is the way Evanovich describes it.

The sun was weak in a murky sky, and the air felt cold against my sweat-soaked clothes.

Not much else there. I liked this one because I believe it's the earliest one I've yet read. She was still developing the characters to a certain degree, there is still some mystery behind them. It did not make me think too much (which was the goal) but I knew what I was getting into when I opened it, I got into it and Evanovich delivered.