Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Week's Last Line

I just finished reading a book that was a tad out of my comfort zone. It's always good to try something different and see what the other side reads. This was also a book by a local writer, so it was good to support the arts. I'll have more on it later when I write a review, but for now, here's the way Kristi Jones ended The Corpse Goddess:

Mother drops her shrunken hand, temporarily releasing me from her granite grip. Mother is ruthless. She is clever and cruel. She is, after all, a goddess. A Valkyrie of the highest order. She was smart enough to have more than one child, and she knows how to use us. I'm certain that when she sees my vision for the future of our kind, she will become my first follower.

The Corpse Goddess - Kristi Jones

I thought the ending might have been one of the best parts. It was a nice little, somewhat expected, twist that sure got my attention and made me think Miss Jones has a good little franchise started.