Friday, July 27, 2012

It Kept Me Reading

Who wouldn't want to keep reading when you read this as the first line and the first few passages:

Bud Mitchell drove his Ford Explorer along Dune Road. Up ahead was a sign that said CUPSOGUE BEACH COUNTY PARK— OPEN DAWN TO DUSK. It was dusk, but Bud drove through an empty parking field, on the far side of which was a wide nature trail, partially blocked by a roll-up fence. A sign said NO VEHICLES. 

He said to the woman sitting in his passenger seat, “Are you sure you want to do this?” 

Jill Winslow replied, “Yes. It’s exciting.” 

Bud nodded without enthusiasm. He skirted around the fence and continued on in four-wheel drive along the sandy trail flanked by high, grass-covered dunes. Having extramarital sex should have been exciting enough for both of them, he thought, but Jill didn’t see it that way. For her, cheating on her husband was only worth it if the sex, romance, and excitement were better than at home. For him, the taboo of having sex with another man’s wife was the turn-on.

DeMille, Nelson - Night Fall (John Corey)

It gets even better when their video tape recorder records the missile that shoots down TWA Flight 800.